“Your selection of honey is amazing. Thanks.” - Kate

“A while back I was looking for the best pure, unpasteurized honey I could find and I have to say I purchased your 1 kg Crystalized unpasteurized honey and I wont be going back to the common/other brands. Kidd Bros Honey is honestly the best honey I have ever had. I just wanted to say thanks as a consumer, for making such a great, natural and Canadian product.” - Ryan

“I love your Creamed Honey! I purchased it last year at my local store and loved it! And one of the biggest selling features for me was that it doesn’t get hard for years! Thanks so much!” - Emily

“Thanks for the great tasting honey and the information on your website on different honey products and under FAQ’s! I had purchased the Glacier Creamed Honey from my local grocery store to try something different and I really enjoy the sweet natural taste, truly. I’ve used your honey on toast and in my tea, and yes I am guilty of eating a spoon full. This evening, I decided to research your company online to learn more about Western Sage Honey and to support Canadian businesses. The next time I go shopping, I’ll be sure to try your other flavors.” - Amanda

“I buy your good honey when travelling in Canada, and found it was very good and my family likes it very much.”- Lorraine

“I am out in Ontario visiting my mom and she always picks up your honey when she it out in BC. Ever since my mom visited about three years ago and since, she has always gotten your honey to take back she now has people that will give her orders so she can bring some back for them.” - Christina

“I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Dandelion honey it is so delicious.” - Kylie

“We have two kids absolutely hooked on this honey.” - David

“We love your honey!” - Corinne

“I just love your honey, thank you so much. It’s time to stock up again.” - Pen and Gary

“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for providing a basket for (name withheld). I won this basket and it is truly amazing!!! Thank you so very much again and for reminding me how yummy honey can be.”- Theresa

“We just love your Creamed Cinnamon Honey product. Thanks so much.” - Kay

“I had the good fortune to taste then buy your Creamed Cinnamon Honey, it’s hands down the best I have ever tasted!” - Kim

“Hey, that bee pollen really works. My boys and husband are now trying it because they can see I am not suffering like they are and haven’t taken any antihistamines in weeks! They wouldn’t believe me at first but I guess those cotton wood trees finally did them in. I really have to thank you for that cause usually I take 2 different types a day at this time of year. I was out in the garden all Sunday and not one sniffle.” - Lih

“I recently purchased a jar of your cinnamon honey particularly because I had recently read about some of the health benefits of this combination. Thanks very much.” - Jan

“Just stopped by your factory with a couple of friends to buy bottles of honey, bee propolis bee pollen and honeycomb!! We’ve encountered with you and your husband at the expo show twice, and that’s where we “fell in love” with your honey products! We now drink your honey everyday, take bee propolis and pollen, and taste that super sweet honeycomb! Frankly speaking, we enjoy your products so much. That’s why I couldn’t wait to tell you that your products have become out daily best pal. We feel so grateful that we still have such good things to enjoy in life. Thank you so much for your devotion to such fine-quality bee products.” - Rachel

“I purchased a 1kg jar of your Western Sage Creamed Cinnamon Honey. Now it’s almost gone, I love it and want more! I’m interested in trying some of your other honey products too.” - Lowell

“I discovered your amazing cinnamon honey while living in Vancouver, I’m almost out and need to find a way to get more!!” - Alyson

“A friend purchased some of your honey at (their local store) and she brought some of it for us to try. We really like it! Thought they would make a great little Xmas gift as well. Really great stuff.” - Marian

“My whole family loves honey. Today we had our thanksgiving dinner and I served hot apple cider with orange slices and I added 1 tsp of the cinnamon honey to the hot drinks. It was just great. Everyone enjoyed it. Again I want to thank-you for being so kind and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.” - Pam

“The best honey I’ve ever had!” - Diane

“My brother just dropped off my honey we got from you... its great and now the only honey we are going to get taste great and very excited to try the other flavors” - Sarah

“Best honey ever!” - Eva

“The best cure for not getting a cold or preventing a cold!!! A group of us have started to take a spoon full a day, whether in tea, coffee or a spoonful. We're proud to say this is our lifesaver!!! I Totally recommend this amazing product! All natural and taste too!!!! GREAT JOB and WE THANK YOU!!!!!” - Michelle

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