KB Honey started in 1884 and remains a family run business that is respected for its uncompromising commitment to quality and the highest standards for purity, cleanliness and safety. It remains a true Western Canadian natural raw honey, from British Columbia and Alberta hives.

Considered the best tasting raw, unpasteurized Canadian honey, the KB Honey brand is ubiquitous in Western Canada, highly visible on the shelves of most of the leading supermarket chains.

To ensure the quality, cleanliness and purity of our ingredients and manufacturing practices, our honey is Kosher Check certified.

Please note that we only ship to Canada and the US. We are a US FDA registered food facility. Certificate issued by Registrar Corp denotes U.S. FDA Food Facility Registration pursuant to the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, as amended by the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 and the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act.

Introducing Western Sage Brand

The newest addition to the KB Honey family is the Western Sage brand. Western Sage has a range of specialty products that utilize every last bit of honey's beneficial elements - with a clearly distinguishable, wholesome taste that manages to be both sweet and earthy.

The Western Sage creamed honeys (we call them our 'Cream Team') take honey to another level of tastiness. Starting with the ultra smooth Glacier Honey, Western Sage has naturally flavoured honeys such as Creamed Cinnamon Honey, Creamed Cappuccino Honey, Creamed Cool Mint Honey, Lemon Honey and Maple Honey. Each one is a taste sensation, and our customers absolutely love them!

Western Sage's 'Healthy Team' features our very popular Bee Magic. This unique blend of honey, pollen and Royal Jelly has so many healthy attributes, we recommend taking it daily as a supplement. And for an added boost, try our Bee Magic with Ginseng. We also have Pure Pollen for the aficionados.

Western Sage's range of liquid honey is pure, natural honey at its finest - light in colour and mild in flavour.



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